Thursday, June 15, 2017

2017 National HomeBrewers Conference June 15-17

Psst! Hotel discounts expire May 19!
Journey to the
 center of the Brewniverse!
If You Love Beer and Brewing, There's Only One Place to Be This June 15-17
Jason, you may be feeling a strong gravitational pull toward Minneapolis. Don't panic. It's only natural. This June, the Twin Cities will host THE event for people who love the science, art and community of beer. We're talking about Homebrew Con.

Part beer festival, part expo, part educational conference, Homebrew Con defies easy categorization, but it lends itself to superlatives. "Homebrew Con is the best brewing event in the world!" says Brulosophy. Humility aside, we gotta agree!

For three days, Minneapolis will occupy the center of the brewniverse. Set your coordinates to 44.9778° N, 93.2650° W and get ready for three amazing days of camaraderie, beer and fun.
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